Strategic Plan

In line with the above mentioned vision and missions, the objective of the  Master’s Degree Program in  English Language Teaching is to produce professional, critical, and creative graduates in English Language teaching, with the following characteristics:

  1. mastering the theories of English Language Teaching, especially the principles, norms, and theories as well as methods of research to fulfill the qualification for the pursuance of further study to the Doctoral degree.
  2. being able to develop thoughts and studies on various phenomena in English Language Teaching, capable of conducting research on a wider scope, in the sense of being able to relate English Language teaching research with other disciplines.
  3. being able to develop the field of English Language Teaching through teaching and research activities, by cooperating with other education institutions as well as local and central government offices.

In line with the objectives of the study program as has been explained above, the substance of the teaching learning activities is tailored to creating graduates who are professional and competent teachers of English with the following qualifications:

  1. competence in using English as a means of communication, both in oral and written forms
  2. able to apply theories of linguistics, language teaching, and English literature to develop the planning, implementation and evaluation of English teaching in secondary and/or university levels.
  3. have the academic competence as well as skills in conducting research in the areas of linguistics, language teaching, and English literature.

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