The Graduate Master’s Degree Program in English Language Education is one of the Master’s Degree Programs in the Graduate Program of the Malang Islamic University (UNISMA). This program was established with the goal of providing and developing professional academic staff in the field of English language teaching, with the characteristics of having competence and performance qualification that is balanced between IPTEK (science and technology) and IMTAQ (religious beliefs).

The current curriculum designed to face the global era, with programs of excellence, qualified staff, computerized administrative services, and adequate facilities support the Master’s Degree Program of English Language Education UNISMA as the best Master’s Degree Program in Kopertis Wilayah VII (Coordination of Private Universities Region VII) stated in the Decree of the Directorate General of Higher Education number 3137/DT/2001, dated 28 September, 2001 on the issue of Permission for Establishing the Master’s Degree Program in English Language Education in Malang Islamic University.

This program will produce qualified, professional human resources with the ability to apply, develop, and create science and technology in the field of English language teaching while still maintaining religious aspects. This is in line with the principles of UNISMA alumni, which are Islam values, Nationality, Smartness, and Leadership.

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