Entry Requirements

  • Academic Requirements for New Students

  1. Graduates from the Bachelor’s degree (S1) or the old system (BA+ Doktoral) from Teacher Training Colleges (IKIP), STKIP, or Universities, from the English Teaching Department, English Letters, or  English Department.
  2. Pass the selection test for new student applicants conducted by the Postgraduate Program of Malang Islamic University.
  • Administrative Requirements for New Students

  1. Get the application forms
  2. Fill in, complete, and return the form with the following attachments:
  3. Signed application form
  4. Copy of certified Sarjana diploma
  5. Copy of certified transcript
  6. Copy of research report or scientific work
  7. Statement of financial support (independent or sponsored)
  8. Letter of permission for further study from institution (when on study leave)
  9. 3×4 black and white photographs (4 )
  10. 3×3 coloured photograph (4)
  11. Self-addressed, stamped envelope
  12. Copy of payment invoice
  13. Pay the registration fee and selection test via the assigned account of Malang Islamic University or directly to the Office of the Postgraduate Program of Malang Islamic Univeristy.
  14. The result of selection test and further information will be sent directly to the applicant according to the address typed on the envelope, or via telephone.
  • Registration Time

Registration is open any time until August 31 for the Odd Semester and February 15 for Even Semester enrolment.

  • Applicant Selection

Selection of applicants is conducted by a team which consists of the Director of the Postgraduate Program, Head of the Study Program, and two academic staff members. Decision for the acceptance of applicants is made by the Rector, on recommendation from the Director of the Postgraduate Program.

  • New Student Registration

Students who are declared to have passed the selection test are required to come for the registration, with the following requirements:

  1. fill in the registration card and Study Plan
  2. provide the proof of payment for the tuition fee (for independently-paying students)
  3. provide 4 copies of 3×4 photographs
  4. fulfill any other requirements stated by Malang Islamic University.
  • Tuition Fee

The sources of tuition fee Rp. 6.000.000 are classified into two categories:

  1. Independent Sources: tuition fee fully provided by the individual student
  2. Scholarship sources: tuition fee wholly or partially paid by Postgraduate Program of UNISMA, by sponsors, and related institution. Offers for scholarships are periodically announced to students through certain mechanisms.

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