Dear colleagues and friends,

Our first ELT research discussion will run this Friday, June 21.

We invite a productive graduate student from Universitas Negeri Malang: Anggie Prithariama.

She is currently doing research on rethorical moves in argumentative essays supervised by Prof. Efendy Kadarisman and Prof. Nur Mukminatien.

Anggie is a prolific ELT student and has presented extensively, including in TEFLIN and AsiaTEFL conferences.

In this occasion, she will be giving a talk on “Rethorical Moves in Writing”.

In addition, this forum is also featured by M. Faruq Ubaidillah, an Associate Researcher at Center for Scientific Publication, Universitas Negeri Malang.

His works have appeared in Korea TESOL Journal, Journal of AsiaTEFL, TEC Connention, and Lingua journal. His research focus falls within the area of political lenses of English language teaching.

In this talk, Faruq will share his thought-provoking ideas of “Whose English Are We Teaching?”

See you at the ELTAR-J Talk this week.

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